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Affirmations for Tom

Tom Franz is an incredibly powerful coach for school and business leaders. His ability to listen, provide feedback, and ultimately allow individuals to make decisions on their own terms is exceptional. As a strategic planner and visionary, Tom took an already highly effective school to its next iteration, making the school stronger while still maintaining its Mission and core values. A high level of integrity, deep knowledge of systems, and genuine care for others make Tom a highly valuable and sought-after mentor and coach for both aspiring and seasoned leaders. 

Chris Weiss, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor of Educational Studies - Ohio University

Tom Franz is an outstanding educational leader with many years of experience leading school accreditation teams. Through his experience as a head of school, Tom has a great ability to relate to the schools he supports in the accreditation process. Tom understands the big picture goals of accreditation but also knows the importance of providing impactful feedback to schools that assists them in growing and improving. Tom always has a focus on the school’s mission and how that mission can be further developed and enhanced. It is has been my pleasure to work with Tom and learn so much about the difference in schools and how schools should embrace their uniqueness. I highly recommend Tom as a consultant for a school’s accreditation needs.

Kevin Lewis - Head of St. Andrew's Episcopal School 

Tom's wealth of experience as a former head of school, combined with his unwavering dedication to empowering others, make him an impactful consultant, coach and mentor. Tom's passion for education, dedication to continuous learning, and commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of others are truly inspiring. Tom's ability to embrace challenges as opportunities for growth add to his success of creating meaningful, impactful, lasting changes for individuals and organizations. I will be forever grateful for the guidance, wisdom and expertise he bestowed upon me, helping me to grow in my leadership skills and discover my true potential as a school administrator.

Tracy Onze - Head of Middle School

One of the most rewarding experiences of my career, thus far, was participating in a Thought Partner Improvement Visit for our Advancement Department, led by Tom Franz.  He brought unique perspectives to the group and challenged each participant to think differently.  He has a remarkable way of bringing a group together in strategic discussion and can articulate more sides of a discussion than you even knew existed. With his guidance, expertise, partnership and thoughtful curiosity- we left our time together affirmed, inspired and with recommendations and a plan to meet the challenges ahead.

Lauren Harnett - Director of Advancement

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