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Tom Franz Consulting offers a range of consulting services that support school leaders who are committed to continuous improvement by focusing on in-depth research, exceptional process and practice, and strong policy. He has great experience in assisting a school in evaluating how well it is living out its mission and a keen understanding of and appreciation for the variety of approaches to supporting a school in delivering on its mission promise to the fullest.

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Tom will guide the process and train your school staff to lead a two day on campus visit with experts from other schools and universities who will engage the department in a thought partner improvement planning process focused on the people, programs, and resources. Tom will be on hand to help facilitate the visit and help write commendations and recommendations that will provide focus for the forward looking strategic work of the department.


Looking to gain accreditation or reaccreditation for your school but are not sure what to make of the standards and how to meet the expectations of a self-study and school report? Let Tom guide you. He has been part of accrediting schools for twenty-five years and has strong insight into the process and documentation needed to become accredited. Moreover, Tom has chaired more than a dozen accreditation teams and has assisted some schools that were struggling to become accredited. 

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Tom's leadership coaching and training is rooted in emotional intelligence and situational awareness. As a basketball coach, he learned that great leadership requires a combination of emotional intelligence competencies and skill in choosing the best leadership style for a given situation. From his basketball teams to his senior leadership teams, Tom has coached and developed leaders to consider these two elements before deciding how to address an opportunity or problem. 

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